Gr. Sarantis S.A.

GR. SARANTIS S.A., the parent company of SARANTIS GROUP, ranks among the leading consumer product companies in Greece. The company's activities focus on the production and distribution of cosmetics, fragrances, personal care products, household products and health and care products.

At the core of our business activity lies a strong portfolio of brands produced in our own facilities; a portfolio that keeps growing through our continuous research and development efforts, and through exclusive representation agreements with international companies.

Our joint venture with the international firm ΤΗΕ ESTEE LAUDER COMPANIES has further established our presence in the market of luxury cosmetics.

The dynamic growth of GR. SARANTIS S.A. has led to the creation of 9 subsidiaries in Europe and to strong export activity.

Throughout the years, our remarkably successful course has been reflected in the market share of our brands, our leading presence as a supplier, and our robust financial position.

The company's wide distribution network covers the whole country and is staffed by an experienced and dynamic sales force. Today, our products can be found everywhere, mainly in supermarkets, cosmetic stores and pharmacies.

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