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Contract for the construction of a new headquarters of Polipak signed!

20 MAY 2020

On Wednesday, 20/05/2020, after long and hard negotiations, a contract was signed for the construction of our company’s new headquarters with the general contractor – WPiP.

It was a moment we had been waiting for a long time. At the time of signing, an exciting new stage in the history of our company began.

Download in PDF (352.9KB)

Sarantis Group’s homecare brand SANITAS, continues its social contribution through the NGO Boroume

By Offering 100,000 food portions and 6,000 food packaging products to Boroume In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, SANITAS, the Group's No. 1 homecare brand in Greece, continues its efforts to offer to society by intensifying its CSR actions.
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